Links make the world go ’round. Check out my friends and cohorts.

Alien on park bench

Morning Faces

Each day when I begin work in my studio, I make seven little faces. You may have seen some at the art fairs. I recently decided to start photographing each one. This link will direct you to a page that features the first 101 faces photographed.

Vintage Rex Benson artwork graces the covers of this 1990 release by Detroit based rock band AZ-U-R. Recently reissued by Retrospect Records, “Rock Like Pigz” is definitely worth a listen.

Hawkeye Designs Beautiful pottery by second generation street artist James Diem. I’ve know James since he was a small child being dragged to art fairs by his jewelry making parents. Now James is a first rate ceramic artist living in Colorado.

Craft in America
This fantastic series appeared on PBS during the summer of 2007. If you missed it, check out this website. It features videos, Artist profiles, DVDs and other cool stuff

French Tarot

History and rules for my favorite card game.

Fat Pony Studios My friend Julie Kradel’s new website featuring her clay animals and tiles.

Vetro Caldo My friends Wendy and Marc make some exquisite glass jewelry.
A fantastic painter and creative mind. His work graces my home.
Fantasy art.
Exceptional hand colored photography by an artist I’ve known for over 30 years.
Elegant jewelry by my friends Scott and John Berry. My long time friend Kathi LeSueur makes some of the best utilitarian stoneware pottery around. Elegant designs, great glazes and extremely functional work.
The best Street Art Fair in Ann Arbor.
Photography by my friend Armond Scavo One of my daughter’s favorite painters. I like his work too.

Shrine to Don Knotts
A shrine to one of my heroes, the late great Don
Elegant gold jewelry with beautiful gem stones.
Fine Art Infrared Photography by Chris Maher.
Awesome combination of weaving and metal sculpture by
my friends Laurie and Bill
Fellow street artist, Mary Arkush moved west and
opened this cool gallery.
If you can’t have fun here for a few minutes, there’s no hope for you.
My “Brother from another mother” Don Benson has invented a new ball that recently won first place at an inventor’s convention. Take a look. (Don is also a great ukelele builder and player.)
A great musician and even greater potter.You owe it to yourself to check out John and Dar’s site.

The Filigree Wonderful fantasy sculptures and a quarterly newspaper reporting the imaginary events of the characters they create.

Engler Glass Dylan and Amy Engler from Columbus, Ohio use flameworking, kiln forming and cold working techniques to produce beautiful glass work.
Great functional stoneware by my friend Stanford H. Baker
Friend’s Webstore for Collectibles.